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    East Advanced Sensational Toastmasters (Flint)
    3-20-18 6:30 pm - First Flint Seventh-day Adventist Church/Dining Hall
    Ann Arbor Area Toastmasters

    East Advanced Sensational Toastmasters EAST is an advanced club that offers you exciting growth opportunities:  Receive in-depth evaluations Present long speeches with advanced manuals.Experience live coaching in a safe and fun environment....

    Shake Up Your Wakeup with a New Start Cooking Class
    3-20-18 6:30 pm - First Flint Seventh-day Adventist Church/Dining Hall
    Greater Flint New Start Cooking Club Meetup

    • What we'll doIn our busy lives, it's easy to let breakfast slide and be a quick bite on the run. But starting the day with a hearty breakfast can be the best thing you can do--for more energy, calmer nerves, and overall good health. It can...

  • Community Events

    D&D 5e - Oh, So Close

    Owosso RPG Enclave

    The surface is in reach. Nyx felt the sunlight on her feline face. But the lure of easy riches have turned our wandering heroes back into the depths below... who knows where. Did I say, “Easy riches”? There is no such thing. There is “easy...

  • Community Events

    There are no events scheduled for Lapeer, MI at this time.

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